ADA Compliance

To ensure that the project complies with Americans with Disability Act (ADA), an accessibility assessment will be performed at the site at the start of the project. Existing site paths-of-travel from public sidewalks, parking spaces, building entrances, restrooms, circulation within the building, checkout stands, etc. will be assessed for compliance with ADA requirements and documented. Items that are not in compliance will be provided with recommendations on how they can be improved to meet ADA and current building code requirements. The documented accessibility list with recommendations will be shared with the client for review. ASG will also be using standard accessibility detail drawings developed and updated over the years that meet ADA and current building code requirements. Another tool to ensure ADA compliance is our QA/QC design reviews. One of the main priorities for the reviewers during these reviews is to check accessibility items and to ensure that the project meets ADA and building code requirements.