Design Process

ASG understands that our team will be ultimately responsible for delivering a well-designed project to meet and exceed the client’s expectations. The design must stay within the project budget and we must meet deadlines per the project design schedule. We believe that the key to a successful project begins with understanding the project and the expectations of the client. We will listen and learn from our clients, communicate regularly with all key participants, and collaborate with the client in the planning and design process. Below is the design process ASG typically use for a project.

  • Programming and Planning Validation – The program represents a road map of the project. The client’s goals and the design intent will be defined during this phase. Analysis of the existing site and building criteria and constraints will be critical during this phase. The Project Manager will develop the space program with the client at this phase. If the client already has a space program, the Project Manager will validate the space program. Conceptual floor and site plans will typically be developed during this phase.
  • Schematic Design – The conceptual plans will be further explored and developed in schematic design. Actual design and character of the building will be determined. The departmental areas will be developed within the footprint. The mechanical and structural systems will be analyzed. The interior spaces and circulation systems will be established. The owner will be able to review and approve the documents at the end of this phase.
  • Design Development – This phase will focus on systems development such as structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing. Interior finishes will be identified. Mechanical system and power services will be determined and spaces required will be located on the plans. At this point, the project can be reviewed as a whole from a code standpoint.
  • Construction Documentation – Each discipline will develop its sets of construction documents concurrently to allow for coordinated reviews, typically at the project 50% and 90% completion. This phase will document the design for plan check, bidding, and construction. The architectural, structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and other consultant disciplines will be coordinating to finalize the documents. The Project Manager will oversee and coordinate the efforts of the teams throughout the design and production process. The owner will be able to review and approve the documents at the end of this phase.
  • Construction Administration – If requested by the client, ASG will evaluate approaches to award the work to a contractor. When construction begins, we will attend on-site meetings and perform site observations per the contract, and see that the intent of the drawings is being executed. We will process submittals, requests for substitutions, shop drawings, RFI’s, owner change requests, and other inquiries, ensuring that they are addressed in a timely fashion.
  • The Close-out Phase – This phase begins with substantial completion and ends after all work is in place and the required record drawings and documents have been received and accepted. Closeout and final document submittals are usually a lingering problem at the end of the construction on a project. A detailed document checklist will be issued in advance of completion to ensure that all requirements for completion are met.